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11 Drama-Filled YA Love Triangles

February 15, 2017
Sarah Jane Abbott
Riveted Editorial Board

Ah, the love triangle, the most torturous of shapes. We’ve all witnessed one, been a part of one, or experienced one through the pages of a YA novel. We’ve been through the heartache, the agonizing, and most importantly, the picking of teams. Team Edward or Team Jacob? Team Peeta or Team Gale? In honor of the romantic month of February, here are some of our favorite love triangles. Pick a team and prepare for all the drama. Then let us know your favorites in the comments!

At The Edge of the Universeby Shaun David Hutchinson


What’s a guy to do when his boyfriend disappears…and he gets paired up with the cute new guy in school on a physics project?

The Iron Kingby Julie Kagawa


You know she should pick Puck, but OMG ASH –he’s too much of a bad boy to resist.

An Ember in the Ashesby Sabaa Tahir


Despite Keenan’s connection to Laia’s past, star-crossed Laia and Elias are pretty much irresistible together. Not to mention, Elias is totally book bae material.

P.S. I Still Love Youby Jenny Han

Lara Jean/John/Peter

When you start to have feelings for the boy you’ve only been pretending to love, but the boy from your past that you always dreamt about being with suddenly returns…who do you choose? HOW do you choose? All I’m saying is, Peter can always steal my last piece of pizza.

The Hunger Gamesby Suzanne Collins


It’s kinda hard to focus on your two romantic prospects when you’re fighting for your life and trying to bring down an evil, oppressive regime and yet…there’s time for a love triangle. There’s always time.

The Selectionby Kiera Cass


Between her best friend Aspen or the hot prince with a heart of gold, how could America possible choose?

Twilightby Stephanie Meyer


The love triangle that launched a thousand t-shirts. Do you go for the shimmering, brooding vampire dream boy or the warm-hearted, motorcycle-riding werewolf? Decisionssssss.

City of Ashesby Cassandra Clare


Old friend versus sexy new demon-hunter friend. Who to choose?

Clockwork Angelby Cassandra Clare


Shadowhunters: how do you have just one, especially when they both have British accents? When the choice is between dark, brooding, and broken Will or kindhearted, selfless but dying Jem, I don’t think anyone envies Tessa’s hard choice.

Wuthering Heightsby Emily Brontë


But was Edgar ever really in the triangle?

The Summer I Turned Prettyby Jenny Han


Oh, brother! Conrad’s smirkiness is melt-worthy, but Jeremiah is the boy you take home to meet your family. ALWAYS. CHOOSE. SMIRKINESS.