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Valentine’s Day Playlist

February 10, 2017
Jess Harold
Riveted Editorial Board

We’ve already established that I’m not exactly an expert when it comes to love (see: my Ant-Romance Music Playlist). But for those of you that have found the Bey to your Jay, the Alec to your Magnus, or the Ron to your Hermione: fear not! For in the dank, dark cave I call my goblin home, I am constantly consuming romantic literature in the hopes of understanding your moony-eyed ways. Jenny Han has very quickly become one of my favorite authors, and Mr. Rochester is my Book Boyfriend—because nothing screams “Paragon of Romance” like locking your disturbed wife in an attic and pretending you’re single…but he’s not as bad as Heathcliff, right? Right.

I’ve found that one of my favorite ways of expressing and sympathizing with lovey-dovey feelings is through music. So I’ve made this playlist that I think you’ll all enjoy! Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with your special someone or your book boyfriend, you need to listen to this!

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