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Cover Reveal: Two Roads from Here

January 5, 2017
The Riveted Team
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We posted our Summer 2017 cover reveals last September but we’ve still got a handful that didn’t get their reveal moment and Teddy Steinkellner’s Two Roads From Here is one of them!

Are you a fan of Tommy Wallach or Patrick Ness? Or how about that movie Sliding Doors with Gwyneth Paltrow?  Have you ever thought about how the smallest moments in our lives, the slightest hesitation or most seemingly-insignificant decision, could potentially lead to huge ramifications if only things played out a little differently?  Two Roads From Here explores that very concept, following five high school seniors as they grapple with life decisions and then get the opportunity to experience two potential outcomes, how things turn out as well as how they could have turned out.

How do you represent an obscure concept like that on a book cover?!  I don’t even know where I’d even begin but I think this M.C. Escher-esque cover design totally works, what do you think?  Take a look below, read on for a sneak peek, and if your interest is piqued, here’s a Goodreads link for you so you don’t forget about Two Roads From Here between now and June 20 when it comes out!  Now that you’ve heard about the book, who knows what the ramifications might be if you don’t read it?!



Book Description:

Five high school seniors. Two different roads. One life-changing decision. For fans of Tommy Wallach and Patrick Ness comes a thoughtful, funny novel that explores what happens to five teens when they choose the road…and the road not taken.

Should Brian play in Friday’s football game, even though his head really hurts?
Should Allegra commit to college now that her mother’s illness has returned?
Should Cole cheat on the SATs for a chance to get into his dream school?
Should Nikki go all the way with her boyfriend?
Should Wiley tell his best friend that he loves her and risk losing her completely?

These five seniors are about to have an opportunity people only dream about: to experience two potential outcomes of a life-altering decision. When it’s all over, will they still recognize their futures?

And here’s an exclusive excerpt to whet your appetite!


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