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Nerdy Holiday DIY for Stressed-Out Students

December 13, 2016
Julie Jarema
Riveted Editorial Board

It’s that time of year again…FINALS! That miserable time in the semester shouldn’t put a damper on your holiday spirit, though. I’ve put together a list below of nerdy holiday crafts and DIY projects to help you procrastinate between writing papers and cramming for exams.

Final(s) Snowfall – Recycle those notes and old papers that you hope to never see again by turning them into swirly paper snowflakes to hang around your dorm.


Novel-ty Tree – Calling all English majors—you should have enough books by now to stack them into a small tower. Dress them up in lights, garland, and a sticky note star, and you’ve got yourself a seriously festive decoration made of dead trees and knowledge.

Riveted - Christmas Tree Books

Favorite Literary Figure Tree-Topper with Interchangeable FacesStep 1: Roll colored paper into a cone. Step 2: Cut a circle out of another sheet of colored paper. Laminate (or just cover with masking tape) and attach to top of cone from Step 1. Step 3: Embellish and decorate to your heart’s content with markers, ribbons, glitter, or whatever else you find at the bottom of your backpack. Step 4: Print out various faces of your favorite character(s). Laminate (or repeat tape process). Step 5: Roll a piece of tape in a loop to adhere face to body. Step 6: Change out the faces as much as you want. Step 7: Place atop book tree, refrigerator, friend’s head while you’re in your delirious finals-brain state.



Procrastibake – You’ll end up with cookies and homework! Baking is kind of like doing chemistry experiments (and studying for anatomy with these gingerbread) anyway, right? Plus, you can give them as gifts to your friends who could probably use the energy boost.

Riveted - Gingerbread

Bookish Ornaments – Hang all your favorite books on your tree, or give you family and friends a hint of which titles you’d like to see beneath the tree this year.

Riveted - ornament