The Diabolic: Weapon of Choice

October 14, 2016
The Riveted Team
YA Fiction Is Our Addiction

Only 18 DAYS left until The Diabolic (November 1)!

ICYMI, we’ve been posting about The Diabolic every Friday for a while now: videos from author S.J. Kincaid on her inspiration for the book and for the main character Nemesis, the animated cover .GIF and trailer, 5 Things You Didn’t Know About S. J. Kincaid, and more. You can check out all of our previous Diabolic posts here.

This week, Kincaid ponders the question, “If you were a Diabolic, what would your weapon of choice be?”  Might it be…a sword? A bo staff? Nunchucks?  Nemesis is no ninja turtle, though pitting her against Leo, Donnie, Raph, and Mikey would certainly make for an interesting battle. The Diabolic is technically sci-fi so….perhaps a laser pistol or plasma rifle? BFG? Nah, it’s none of those! We’re betting Kincaid’s answer is not one you’ll guess but give it a shot and then see what she has to say:

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