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September 14, 2016
The Riveted Team
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How far would you go for the one you love?

What’s Your #LastTrueLoveStory?

In Brendan Kiely’s The Last True Love Story, two teens embark on a cross-country journey of the heart and soul. One hot July night, Hendrix and Corrina decide to risk everything. They steal a car, spring Hendrix’s Gpa—fading fast from Alzheimer’s—from his assisted living facility, and take off on a cross-country odyssey from LA to NY so Gpa can revisit the place he first kissed his wife. With their parents, Gpa’s doctors, and the police all hot on their heels, Hendrix and Corrina set off to discover for themselves if what Gpa says is true—that the only stories that last are love stories.

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54 Responses to Last True Love Story Sweepstakes

  1. KristyPetree says:

    My last true love story? That’s tough when compared to the adventure the characters have in the book! I guess I would say meeting my husband at a former workplace (we were neither one available, and I never thought much about him really). He moved on to another job and I kind of forgot about him. Years later, after I’d just broken up with someone, I ran into him twice in one week! First, I saw him at a restaurant. Then at a gas station. I got my gas at that station for YEARS and never saw him there and then I saw him two weeks in a row. It’s like it was meant to be.

  2. Lena1xoxo says:

    My last true love is my husband. We met in college and were friends for a year or so before we started dating. Being 18, I was still dating all the wrong guys, and I guess I didn’t know what I needed was right in front of me all along.

  3. Bruinbr says:

    My last true love story was my dog, Hiro, who passed in July after 14 amazing years of friendship and love. We miss him every day and imagine he is chasing squirrels and lounging around getting belly rubs in the great ever after. Excelsior sweet boy.

  4. Marie_Reads says:

    my true love story was when I was 19 years old. I fell head over heels with my best friend and decided to keep it a secret. I had a daughter from a previous high school relationship and decided I wasn’t going to become a burden to anyone. I kept it at a friendship level. I’m 32 now and married to someone else and now have 2 kids and he recently told me that he was in love with me as well. I’ve always wondered what if with him.

  5. kcmmp13 says:

    This is kinda sad to say but I’ve never had a true love story. :/ But my last crush story is from a few years ago. The person had started working at my company & we got along really well. It was nice spending time with them, sadly nothing happened but we are great friends still.

  6. polarbear says:

    I’ve never had a love story, I spend too much time reading.

  7. lilyy1048 says:

    My first book love story was probably meeting Patch from Hush, Hush.

  8. Ms_dandy says:

    I’m excited for this book. It’s different where his Gpa is senile and you don’t really know if his story of true love is real. I can’t wait to find out what happens in the end

  9. Weeziel40er says:

    My last true love story is my current love story. High school was miserable, hated it, hated everyone. Was used. 2 months after graduation I met my future husband and it’s been perfection and bliss (never big fights) for over 11 years. <3 The last thing we're waiting for to perfect everything is a child.

  10. Sfunk03 says:

    i fell in love in gr 9 and lost him in gr10 I miss and think about him even today

  11. I met my boyfriend through a common friend. I was very close to the girl who introduced us, and we hung out a lot (one-on-one and at get togethers). I found myself falling for my new acquaintance, but I’d had my heart broken not too long before this, so I was cautious and kept my distance. This went on for about a year….and at some point during that year, I went to Japan for a month. The Japanese boys in Tokyo really liked me (haha) and I was planning on returning there to teach English and also hopefully find a boyfriend. But this other boy was on my mind even then. When I got back from Japan, we saw each other a lot at get togethers, but I still hadn’t been given any clues as to how he felt. Apparently I was blind though, because our friends noticed that we both liked each other, and they made sure that we sat together the one night. And it all sort of started there! I was very skittish still, but we had our first date at his apartment. He was sick, but I still wanted to see him, so we watched a movie on his couch, holding hands and drinking hot tea. And we got closer and closer over the weeks.

    The girl who had introduced us, and this was not known by me, really liked this boy even though she was living with HER boyfriend. She felt that she had a claim to him, so she blew up when she found out about us, and threatened to kill me.

    Needless to say, I did not speak with her or see her anymore, because I thought that she was being ridiculous.

    The boy and I went on dates for a month, and then he asked me to be his girlfriend….and I felt like the happiest girl in the world.

    I cancelled my plans to move to Asia, and decided to stay here (with him as the most important reason, among others).

    We will now be celebrating our 2nd year anniversary on the 1st of October! And are planning on attending a friend’s wedding in Japan in the summer of 2017 together. (Pssst…he’s also told me that he’s going to spent the rest of his life with me).

    The End….or maybe The Beginning?

  12. crybbe666 says:

    My wife and I met online 6 years ago through a book site (much like this one) and started chatting. She was in Canada, I was in Australia. Distance made things hard – but we discovered that by talking before anything else, we got to know each other so well that, when we met, it was like we had known each other for years and years.
    So, after a visit to each other’s country, we decided we were “in love” and then started making plans to get married. Sadly, she was at the end of her visitor visa so we quickly got married (organised within 4 weeks!) and honeymooned in Canada – where the first thing we did was fill in the paperwork for her residency in Australia. After my visit, I had to return to Australia and she had to remain in Canada until the visa came through. In the meantime, we found out we were going to have a baby as well. Distance sucks, let me tell you. However, March last year, I flew once more to Canada for the birth of my little baby girl. And then I had to say goodbye to them again as the paperwork still hadn’t cleared…and didn’t until October last year. We were apart for a total of 16 months – that was tough. But, all that is now behind us and we are happy together in Oz with our little girl (who is almost 18 months old), we own our own business (a bookstore – what else?) and life is very good!

  13. alig1020 says:

    I met my boyfriend shortly after the end of my first serious relationship. He helped heal my broken heart, and we’ve been together for five years as of yesterday. <3

  14. ColeBowl91 says:

    My boyfriend was singing in a play when I first saw him and I had this overwhelming feeling and had to talk to him! We connected and have been together since! 3 years! And this is a long distance relationship!

  15. hippiechick1955 says:

    I saw his photo on an online dating service I looked at but never joined. I then moved out of state and he messaged me. I couldnt answer because I never signed up. I thought about him constantly. A year later I moved back to where I had moved from. Five years later he walked into my work and my chin hit the floor! I recognized him immediately from his photo but never said a word. He couldn’t recognize me because I had never posted a photo. Three weeks later, on his follow up appointment he asked me out. Prior to him walking in our office, I had no clue about him other then his first name. I didn’t even know if we lived in the same city. Small world or Destiny?

  16. Kristal020700 says:

    I actually don’t have a love story, i know it’s sad but , who knows maybe i will meet someone, but for now i’ll stick to the love stories in books.

  17. rwalbridge says:

    I dated a guy for over 8 years. We met on myspace (when it was popular). We lived in massachusetts but he had an opportunity in LA and would only take it if I went with him. So we moved to LA together. It didn’t work out but not all love stories do.

  18. karatheredhead says:

    My last true love story was honestly pretty brutal, and I am still recovering. Now I am just happy being single!

  19. susanbeamon says:

    I don’t have a true love story, unless you count my cats. Currently, I’m trying to teach a 7-year-old cat he doesn’t need to bite to show he’s happy to be here.

  20. alyssayuri says:

    Can’t help but read the cooments… Amazing stories! Pretty sure the riveted team are loving it too!

    My Last true love story… Hmmm… We never said our feelings for each other.. But he made sure he showed it to me. And i fell for him because of that. I’m pretty sure now that he was the first guy i ever loved.

  21. Ha! My last true love story happened 13 years ago, and we are still going strong. We’ve always known each other and we are practically in-laws. His sister is married to my cousin. I had just gotten out of a toxic 2 yr relationship, and we started talking at a family get-together. The rest is history. 🙂

  22. leavemeialone says:

    My last true love story hasn’t happened yet. I’m still waiting patiently for it to happen. 🙂

  23. vampirelover94 says:

    My last true love story was with my boyfriend of almost a year we met in December we were friends in high school. But we didn’t fall in love until 2013 when I graduated high school we broke up December of last year we had a huge fight and I lost a great guy I miss him everyday I would do anything to have a second chance to work everything out and get back together.

  24. geckogirl1982 says:

    My last true love story started 8 years ago. It was twisted and torrid because my girlfriend at the time wanted to date another girl, I quickly ended that relationship, and 4 years later actually met the other girl. She never dated my ex. And my ex hates that we ended up together. 4 years strong.

  25. jenniferedit says:

    Going on 30-plus years now (yes, I still read YA fiction because I write in that genre). Let’s just say you never know where a question like “Where’s the Wall Street Journal” in the college library is going to lead!

  26. Reading all of these comments has me even more excited to read The Last True Love Story! My last and only true Love Story is my husband- we just celebrated our 6th anniversary on the 13th(also Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday!) and we have a daughter. We met on Facebook and talked every day for nearly 9 months before he drove nearly 6 hours to meet me. I didn’t know when we first started talking but he was(is) the guitarist in one of my favorite bands(Saliva) His first message to me had only two words- “marry me” If I’d have read this years ago I would think it crazy!

  27. lurkykitty says:

    My last true love story was meeting my husband at a speed dating event. 10 years later the story continues.

  28. rachelisce says:

    My last true love story hasn’t happened yet 🙂

  29. MsLadyy says:

    My “last” true love story was with my daughter’s father, my ex-husband. It’s been several years now since we’ve been divorced but I have not met another special someone or true love. I’m not really sure what the future holds for my “love life” but I do know WHO holds my future! We shall see…😊

  30. bookworm2010 says:

    I haven’t had my last true love story yet. I don’t really count the crush I had on this guy when I was in 9th grade and he was in 11th grade. We never dated but I seriously thought I was in love with him. Maybe I was, I’m not sure. 15 year old me I don’t think really knew what love is.

  31. Tash says:

    my last true love story is my current boyfriend, we had fell apart the beginning of 2015 and I started dating a guy I thought I could connect with, but soon into it he started becoming possessive and a little crazy. He would get mad at me for talking to my child’s father about our son and soon after that he would obsess over my ex, constantly bringing him up for no reason. Eventually I had enough and I started hanging out with my ex (mind you that I never cheated!) and eventually I couldn’t take the possessiveness and constant breathing down my neck and I had to break things off with the guy, but it did ultimately bring me back to my ex that I knew I always loved, still loved even when I was with the other guy, but I really thought I would be able to get over him, but I guess you can never run away from true love as they say. It’s been over a year and we’re still going strong. I know someday I will marry him and we have learned to work through our problems instead of run from them.

  32. kaleighnicole13 says:

    I’ve been in love since I was 12 years old. I knew this was the boy I wanted to marry. We’ve had our ups and downs, but the love is always there. I wouldn’t change a thing. I can’t wait to do life together and eventually have a family. My last true love was fortunately also my first.

  33. Lauraj123 says:

    Meeting the man who I will share my life with. Just bought a house and created a new chapter in our love story!

  34. litledeb says:

    I’ve never been in love or been in a serious relationship, but I hope one day that I will be.

  35. fianblath@gmail.com says:

    This looks like it will rip your heart out and make you whole again. I can’t wait to read this with a box of tissues and some Cocoa

  36. ladyl3na says:

    My last true love story is in the works – hasn’t happened yet, but I know it will! 🙂

  37. 4jlessad says:

    true love, girl meets boy on blind date & 2 weeks later they know they want to marry!

  38. Samantha Sim says:

    My last true love story. Hmm. Well, I only have one love story, and even then I don’t know if it’s actually love? It was kind of love at first sight I guess. We were always too shy to initiate conversation in real life so we just texted. Yep, our relationship was solely based on texts, and it lasted for a few years, surprisingly, on and off, but still. I’m surprised it took us so long to realize it wasn’t working. Hah.

  39. RememberMeNever says:

    My last true love story hasn’t happened to be yet. I’ve never been in love. I’ve been in “like, almost there but not quite” a few times, but I think my heart knew that I truly wasn’t in love yet. I want a love story like my parents’, where they were so in love that my mom and I can still see the signs, even 14 years after he passed away. That’s what I want. And everlasting commitment. Not just a few years of happiness.

  40. ChaoticKarma23 says:

    I met my true love in 2007 and he has been my best friend for several years and we have seen each other through A LOT. We are now engaged with a beautiful baby girl.

  41. bellelcollins says:

    my last true love story is still being written!

  42. Faith says:

    I haven’t read a love story in a while and would love to jump into a new one and possibly get back into the habit of reading them!

  43. Alexa says:

    I haven’t had a last love story yet…

  44. My last true love story was when I read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I fell in love with the Harry Potter series all over again. <3

  45. reneejr says:

    I was lonely working in London and fell hard for an Irish folk singer jamming at the local pub…he was gorgeous and had a full beard. Through a comedy of errors I finally got a chance to meet him that evening and we went to a Greek restaurant and stayed up all night talking. Later on we took a romantic trip to Tenerife, Greece and Ireland. So sad that all fairy tales must eventually come to an end.

  46. Shannon Miz says:

    I am still waiting (not terribly patiently, either) for my last true love story. Someday, I hope!

  47. Day0831 says:

    My last true love story was when I first picked up a book and started reading.

  48. KateT16 says:

    I married my best friend and college sweetheart!

  49. Zoey Raven says:

    Umm…technically i never really experienced love in my life so.. Here’s my parent’s one…..they both ACTUALLY had a crush on each other since primary school. As soon time flies, they met each other again at a bar, where my father played Dj there and my mother usually comes there with her friends. My mother was playing truth or dare with her friends at that’s time n she was dared to go out with the Dj guy at the bar and she did wht she was told n realised that it was the boy who she had a crush on since primary school. I knowing it’s weird, but to me it is the last true love story.

  50. Bernadette says:

    I’ve never had someone I’ve truly loved.

  51. Zoey Raven says:

    I’ve never experienced love yet but will be looking forwaard to it when time comes

  52. nevans72 says:

    My last true love was to long to remember.

  53. Zoey Raven says:

    I’ve never experienced love yet but will be looking forward to it when time comes!!😊

  54. americe says:

    My true love story is with my fiancee. We met at a summer program at Villanova University. We were in high school at the time and I was living in California and he was living in Pennsylvania. He asked me to be a girlfriend before I left for California and we did long distance for the following year, with two visits until the following summer. He came out to visit while I was having surgery on my ankle, right after graduating, and surprised me by saying that he was moving out to California and would be attending school only an hour away from mine! It’s three years later now and we’re happily engaged. 🙂

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