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Top 10 Things to do While You’re (Still) Waiting for the New Season of Sherlock

January 20, 2016
The Riveted Team
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The next season of Sherlock is still an epically long way off—last we heard, the Season 4 premier won’t air until 2017.

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That said, with these sleuth-worthy activities on your calendar, you just might find yourself wishing for even more time to prepare yourself. Here are our ten favorite things to do while waiting for more Sherlock.

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10. Go straight to the source.

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We’re as addicted to Netflix as the next guy, but even we have to admit that the original stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle are worth turning the TV off for. Sink your literary teeth into The Hound of the Baskervilles for the ultimate Sherlock reading experience, or try “The Speckled Band” or “The Red-Headed League” if you’re looking for a more bite-sized portion.

9. Follow up on some references.

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Sherlock might be our favorite show starring the world’s greatest sleuth, but plenty of TV history’s most famous and popular shows have made reference to the detective in episodes past. If you love Sherlock, you’ll love spotting reference to the stories in Doctor Who (“The Snowmen,” Season 7, Episode 6); Star Trek: The Next Generation (“Elementary, Dear Data,” Season 2, Episode 3; and “Ship in a Bottle,” Season 6, Episode 12); House (the whole series, but especially Season 2); and CSI (“Who Shot Sherlock?” (Season 5, Episode 11). You can even throw it back to childhood and watch an episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (“Elementary, My Dear Turtle,” Season 4, Episode 14).

8. Get hooked on something new.

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For a more modern swist on the Sherlock story (and a female Watson!) check out Elementary, starring Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller. We bet you’ll fly through all four seasons in a couple of weekends (or will it be days?).

7. Catch Sherlock on the silver screen.

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There’s no shortage of films inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s beloved character, so grab some popcorn and kick back with Robert Downey Jr.’s version of Holmes in Sherlock Holmes and A Game of Shadows. Or, kick it back to childhood and watch the mousey version of Sherlock in The Great Mouse Detective.

6. Assume an alter ego.

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With New York Comic Con just around the corner, this is the perfect time to start planning your epic Sherlock cosplay. Get inspired with some of our favorite looks here, here, and here, and you can even check out the BBC’s suggestions for costuming before you hit the sewing machine. If your costume’s not finished by this year’s Comic Con, don’t worry—there’s still another whole year of Cons between you and new Sherlock.

5. Plan a sleuth-worthy vacation.

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While you wait for your favorite detectives to return to TV, get a detective-worthy education by planning a trip to one of many great museums focused on the art of spying. Washington, DC, is home to the International Spy Museum; tack an extra day onto your trip to visit National Cryptologic Museum in nearby Fort Meade, Maryland. Round your trip with a Spies of Washington tour on foot or by coach.

4. Make your friends the mystery.

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Whether or not your friends have the acting talents of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, you can still have a blast casting them as the suspects in a murder mystery dinner game. Have every pitch in a few dollars to snag a kit here, or get creative and put together your own.

3. Get in on the action and see if you can make it out!

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Escape the Room games are all the rage for good reason, so grab some friends and see how sharp your reasoning and escape skills are. If you’re lucky enough to be in New York you can check out the original; if not, look for your city’s equivalent and think fast!

2. Revisit past seasons.

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It’s hard to believe it now, but a day will come when 2017 will be right around the corner and it’ll be time to catch up on past seasons. If you’re particularly ambitious—or you’ve got a great memory—go ahead and start now. We bet you can’t wait to revisit your favorite scenes from Seasons 1 and 2… and, well, Season 3 happened to, we guess.

1. Read Lock & Mori by Heather Petty!

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Nothing reinvigorates our love for Sherlock stories quite like a fresh take on our favorite tales, and Lock & Mori is just that. Put the magnifying glass away for a few and kick back with this start to a series. You won’t believe the brilliant origin story Heather W. Petty has imagined for some of your favorite characters: Sherlock Holmes and Miss (that’s right, Miss) James Moriarty.

BONUS: Need a laugh?

Watch this video. We guarantee it’ll brighten your day:


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Have any other suggestions to fill the Sherlock Void? Share them with us in the comments!

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  1. Avid Reader says:

    Surely that wasn’t the end! That can’t have been the end of the first book!

  2. hanbock says:

    Wait, that couldn’t have been the entire story? Was this just supposed to be an excerpt?

  3. Melreadsbooks says:

    Yeah, I’m sure that isn’t the full book!? I checked out some reviews on Goodreads that had some spoilers & I never got to those parts….sigh…

  4. hanbock says:

    The full book is up now; just an FYI

  5. pinknusha says:

    The emotional toll that the protagonist goes through ripped out my heart

  6. ilajones says:

    Sherlock Holmes has gray eyes and if costumes were Late Victorian than it would be Her MAJESTY Victoria. I couldn’t read further due to the inaccuracies.

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